Demi Lovato praises Ke$ha for rehab decision

demi-lovato-y100-s-jingle-ball-2013_4005551 After seeking help herself back in 2010, Demi Lovato has praised Ke$ha for her decision to go to rehab.

Speaking to reporters backstage at the Grammy Awards last week, she said: ”I wish her the absolute best and I think she is doing a really great thing for herself. It’s really great when you take time out of a schedule that everybody wants you.

”There are so many things, you work so hard and then you kind of forget about yourself, and you don’t really get to treat the things that everyone has like stress. You just kind of throw yourself into work.”

Demi also added: ”When I took that experience, I needed it to live. It taught me a lot and it helped me a ton. I wish her the absolute best. She’s a really sweet girl and she’s going to be fine.”

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One response to “Demi Lovato praises Ke$ha for rehab decision”

  1. Moshe says:

    I support Demi Lovato and Ke$a in her decision to go through a rehab. Hectic and tough working schedule is very disastrous for your psychic and general well-being, so taking some time off and enjoying yourself is very nice for your general condition, great mood and success in future. Specialists at modern rehabs, with the money celebrities have will offer the greatest support and care for the most beneficial results.