Demi Lovato terrified of weird fans

demi-levato-at-the-redlight_3912502 Thanks to some fans who go too far and behave oddly, Demi Lovato has developed a phobia of big meet-and-greets, as she fears for her safety.

She tells Nylon magazine, “Sometimes a fan will come up and automatically put their arms around me and I just shut down and start hyperventilating. I don’t want to sound like a d**k or a diva, but I really do have anxiety problems.

“There was a time when people started trying to kiss me, or creeps would buy backstage passes and reach for my face and try to make out with me. That was completely violating, and ever since then, I always fear what someone is going to do when they come up to me.”

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One response to “Demi Lovato terrified of weird fans”

  1. Andy says:

    I see Demi Lovato has developed too many fears recently. Well, being popular as she has to do with fans, but her growing anxiety won’t do. I think the great way out s having a great security and the problem is solved partially. I believe the greater problem lives in such a beautiful body. I understand the actress, but living in anxiety ever day won’t do. This is simply not good for such a great body and mind as Demi Lovato’s.