Demi Moore reconnects with Rumer

550w_starsnaps_tm_rumer_willis_demi_moore Demi Moore and Rumer Willis managed to overcome their problems and reconnect at a seance in New Mexico.

A source said:  ”Demi brought Rumer and her boyfriend Jayson Blair to a seance in the desert in New Mexico. They slept in a teepee with a shaman after the supermoon on June 23, no phones, no internet, no books, just them and the sounds of nature and lots of native American prayers and meditating. They used the shaman to reach the spirit of Demi’s dead mom Virginia Guynes. Demi and her mom had a very tumultuous relationship, not unlike Demi and Rumer. Demi wanted to heal old wounds, seek forgiveness and summon guidance from her mother.”

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