Denise Richards upset that her private letter leaked

denise-richards Appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Denise Richards said she was embarrassed when a private letter she sent to Child Protective Services officials regarding the sons of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen went public.

She said: “I was sick about it… I was angry… Then I stopped and had to think, ‘Oh my God, what did I write in that?’ It was a very personal thing. I was embarrassed… I thought, ‘Maybe I should have done it differently.’ It wasn’t, like, a court document, it wasn’t a declaration, I purposely went that way to write something personal as a mom and all of that. I was very upset that something like that would become public.”

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One response to “Denise Richards upset that her private letter leaked”

  1. Natalie says:

    Being a mother myself I an understand Denise pretty well. We do not like when personal things become public. Celebrities are human being as well as we are with their feelings, emotions, desires, etc. They also want some privacy, even being public people. Don’t think she made the letter ‘leak’ to publicity on purpose. No mom would do this; no good mom would do this!