Denzel Washington told to lighten up for ‘2 Guns’

Denzel Washington at Wetten, Dass ..? tv show in Hannover 2 Guns director Baltasar Kormakur has revealed he tried to get Denzel Washington to ”lighten up” for the action-comedy role as he’s used to playing dramatic characters. The Oscar-nominated actor had to embrace the light-hearted nature of his new movie.

Kormakur told Empire magazine: ”It was interesting to try to get Denzel to lighten up a little bit, because that hasn’t been what he’s recognized for. This movie doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Denzel successfully handled the role and even suggested scenes in which he and Mark Wahlberg‘s character fight like little children in the playground. Wahlberg explained: ”It was Denzel’s idea that when kids are fighting, nobody wants to let go or be the first to give up.”

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