Diane Kruger: Too much make-up is tacky

diane_kruger_676254 When it comes to make-up, Diane Kruger believes that too much of it is tacky. ”You can’t have a fancy dress and massive hair as well as a face plastered full of make-up on a night out. In the US, girls do way too much! It ages them by 10 years,” she says.

What’s also interesting is that Diane actually uses basic Nivea moisturizer for her face and body, instead of expensive creams. She said: ”Ever since I was little, I’ve used Nivea cream for my body, it’s my staple. It’s easy to use, cheap, and you can find it everywhere in the world.”

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One response to “Diane Kruger: Too much make-up is tacky”

  1. Inna says:

    I totally agree with Diane Kruger! The less make up – the better! The more natural you look. I cannot understand why today many beautiful and young ladies use so much make up to look at least ten years older. The youth is always in fashion. In my make up and the way I dress I always stick to the rule “everything is good in moderation”. When there is too much of everything on you – you start looking unnatural and sort of plastic. Is this what modern ladies strive to achieve? Looking like plastic dolls?