Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus

dolly_parton_683324 Speaking for the London Evening Standard, Dolly Parton stood up for her heavily criticized goddaughter Miley Cyrus. The 67-year-old star believes that young singers almost have to sacrifice their souls to make a career.

”It’s not easy being young. It’s hard to know what to do. You’ve almost got to sacrifice your damn soul just to get anything done,” Dolly said.

The country singer doesn’t think people really see how talented Miley is. ”I’ve loved her through the years and watched her grow up, and I’ve seen how smart she is and how talented she is. I don’t think people really realize yet what a great singer and writer she really is,” she said. even though they are close, Parton insists she would never give the young advice about her career. She said: ”She’s just trying to find her own place and wings and learn to fly. If she needs my opinion on something I will surely give it and there have been times we’ve talked. But I would never dream of calling her and saying, ‘Well why are you doing this?’ or, ‘You shouldn’t do this or that’. I know that she has thought this all through. We’ll let her go and do her own thing.”

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One response to “Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus”

  1. Bob says:

    Dolly, none had doubt that Miley is a talented young singer, but what she does on the stage is disgusting. I wonder how would you react if your own kids were behaving this way? This is lack of education. I am surprised how parents support Miley in what she does. This is a total crap! People sell themselves for money. This is very sad. No money is worth me. I hate the decay of moral values in our younger generation!