Drake bought Rihanna $42,000 ring


It looks like things are getting pretty serious between Rihanna and Drake. After enjoying a casual romance for years the couple have taken their relationship to the next level this year and have been inseparable, even though they haven’t publicly announced it yet.

The latest rumor is that Drake bought Rihanna a $42,000 yellow diamond ring, although it is not believed to be an engagement ring.

A source told The Daily Star: “Rihanna was delighted with the gift. She has accepted it as a token of Drake’s love. He’s now even changing his schedule to spend as much time as possible with her. It’s all getting increasingly serious between them.”


Speaking about the seriousness of their relationship, another source told HollywoodLife: “Drake jokes about how gorgeous and talented their offspring would be and that makes her day. They laugh about sh-t like that because they both know that’s not happening any time soon, but they do talk about family, the future and how they equally would be fantastic parents.

“All I really know is that they are happy, especially Rihanna, and it’s so refreshing to see that glow on her face,” the insider went on, “It’s been a long time since my girl has been in a real and genuine loving relationship.”

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4 responses to “Drake bought Rihanna $42,000 ring”

  1. Mark says:

    I am very happy for Rihanna. She looks really happy with this guy! I hope Drake can really keep her happy as they both wish. A great woman deserves a great gift and I am sure that Rihanna’s smile sparkles brighter than the diamond on the ring.

  2. Clara says:

    Awe I feel so happy for Rihanna, finally she has found her happiness, and a man who really cares about her, about the person she is, instead of keeping her as an accessory and being mean with her, like her previous boyfriend who had no respect towards her, and who beat her with such a cruelty. I still have those images of her swollen face in front of me, and keep thinking how could a person ever do something like that to a person who he loves? Because Chris Brown after it had a few interviews where he was saying that he is sorry that he done it, and that he loves her, but the truth is that he was apologizing but his eyes were full of anger.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I think in order to start blooming every woman needs simply a loving her man, a person who not be afraid to stay with her in good and bad times. Unfortunately nowadays I mostly meet people who are able to trade their feelings and hear in order to get something material, and that really sucks, as each time they do something like that, they lose a part of their soul, which is something no one is ever able to get back. but it is their choice, and if for them it is more important their pride and other in significant stuff, than let it be this way, I am sure that women who they lost while being stupid and not able to see anything besides the top of their own nose someone else was smart enough in order to see and appreciate. So I am glad that is has happen this way with Rihanna, and a decent man has found his way to her heart.

  4. abbie says:

    Hmm, honestly speaking I have never heard about this Drake singer before. But after reading this article I have made my little research, and found that he is a very nice guy. He is same type of person as Jay Z, or Kanye West, or Timbaland and so on. I listed those three men, because for me they are one of the best ones in the world, the way they are taking care of their women is clearly showing that they were raised by great women who gave them the right principles of behavior with women. Rihanna has suffered a lot, and now I clearly see that in order to have something good in the future you need to go through the worst things, only this way you will know how to pamper and cherish the things you have.