Drew Barrymore: ‘I fantasize about noodles’

drew-barrymore-chanel-dinner-celebrating-the-release_4025543 Speaking to E! news, Drew Barrymore said she’s been craving Chinese noodles throughout her pregnancy.

The actress is expecting her second child and, when it comes to food cravings, this pregnancy is completely different to her first one.

“The craving with Olive was tamales. Anything tamale. I love tamales,” she said. “With this little lovely lady it’s like pan-fried noodles from any Chinese restaurant. I drive by them and I fantasize about them. I find myself like pulling over a lot for food. Like the car just goes off the lane and over to the restaurant.”

This love for greasy food might cause weight problems for Drew, but she says she is just fine.

drew-barrymore-golden-globes-arrivals_4021390“I’m keeping it in check. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I gain like about 40 pounds a pregnancy, which is totally fine,” the actress explains.

However, Drew recently admitted that she has no intention of cutting back on her snacks.

“I just eat everything I want, which isn’t healthy. I’m bigger this time than my first time. My doctor the other day was like, ‘Yeah, so I think maybe pull back. A little bit.’ I was like, really? I thought I was doing great. I want to enjoy the pasta right now,” she said earlier this week.

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One response to “Drew Barrymore: ‘I fantasize about noodles’”

  1. Marraya says:

    Every pregnant woman knows the obsession for the food, so why not the Chinese noodles! I just hope Drew feels great and who cares how much she gains? She just need to be happy and feel good and healthy for her and baby that is. I am sure she will lose the baby weight in certain time. When there is a will, there is a way. It is just hard to refuse yourself your weaknesses, when you are pregnant, that is!