Drew Barrymore talks about growing up without father


Drew Barrymore recently welcomed her second daughter, Frankie, and while she enjoys motherhood, becoming a parent has also made it hard for her to understand her father’s actions during her childhood.

Speaking to Red magazine, in an interview conducted before she gave birth to Frankie, the actress opened up about growing up without her dad, who wasn’t there for her and her mother.

She said: ”My parents split up before I was born and my dad was just never capable of being a father. It’s something I really accepted and became OK with early on. But it’s shocking to me that someone can make that choice. As much as I accepted it with him, I could never accept it in a partner…for some people showing up is just not possible and that is incredibly frustrating.

”When you become a parent, and think about what kids need, it is very emotional.”

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One response to “Drew Barrymore talks about growing up without father”

  1. Sophia says:

    Parents didn’t notice she was an addict when barely in her teens; bet she would have traded that and being born into money, for normal loving parents any day. Photoshop and airbrushing can make even less attractive look beautiful, which she really isn’t.