Drew Barrymore talks fame, addiction and parenting

drew-barrymore-the-2nd-annual-baby2baby-gala Being in the spotlight her entire life is not something Drew Barrymore is very fond of, but she believes the experience will help her with parenting.

The actress, who has a 14-month-old daughter Olive and is pregnant with her second child, thinks that being a former child star has given her the advantage in dealing with public interest in her kids.

She said: ”Even though I grew up in a different time, when every step you took wasn’t recorded, I still went through things in my youth that were totally out there and very much exposed. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was a blessing. It prepared me for this world we live in today.

drew-barrymore-lacma-2013-art-and-film_3933192”Even though I’m not fond of every move I make being discussed and recorded, I know it comes with the territory because I have been doing this forever. You have to stay grounded and you have to bring a positive energy to it for your child.”

Drew is open about her past problems with drugs and thinks that acting saved her.

”You learn to take the things you have to deal with in order to have the things that mean a lot to you, like the films, the creative environments, the people. These are all things that saved me and gave me a great life.”

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One response to “Drew Barrymore talks fame, addiction and parenting”

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for the candid comments, drew! She is a great mother to my mind and, besides a great actress and very beautiful woman. I do not care for her drug addictions in the past. I just admire her the way she is nowadays – the way I know her and that she has become one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. I wish Drew great second baby delivery and much success in personal and professional life, even though it goes under the cam supervision.