Edward Norton directing and starring in ‘Motherless Brooklyn’

norton Jonathan Lethem’s book Motherless Brooklyn was published in 1999 and Edward Norton immediately expressed interest in doing a movie adaptation. Fifteen years later, his project is about to see the light of day.

After adapting the screenplay himself, Norton will direct and star in the film. The actor is teaming up with Red Dragon director Brett Ratner, who will produce Motherless Brooklyn.

The story follows Lionel Essrog, a Brooklyn private detective with Tourette’s syndrome, who sets out to solve the murder of his mentor. Shooting starts later this year.

Brett Ratner said: “We all know Edward Norton is one of the most compelling actors of our generation, but I also know he’s an exceptional writer and filmmaker. As soon as I read his script for Motherless Brooklyn I knew this was a project I wanted to get involved with and am thrilled to partner up with Edward…”

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One response to “Edward Norton directing and starring in ‘Motherless Brooklyn’”

  1. Lisa says:

    Well, this is a promising project that has all the chances to get an Oscar award! I hope they make a true to life story and the character depict that will reflect the real Motherless Brooklyn. I am very excited about this news and wish all the working team on this movie much luck, success and patience in reaching their goals.