Emma Roberts afraid of ghosts


During her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Emma Roberts has revealed she is afraid of ghosts.

Her fear is so strong that she always thoroughly checks her bedroom for unwanted spirits before going to bed.

”Everywhere I go I think is haunted. I’m the person checking under the bed, behind the curtains ten times before I go to bed. I’m very easily scared,” she said.

But after going on ghost tour of New Orleans Emma has learned a useful trick for keeping the ghosts at bay.


She explained: ”They take you around and they basically show you all these places where horrific things have happened and then tell you about all the ghosts and so after the ghost tour, I’m scared to death.

And I said to the woman, who led the ghost tour … ‘What do I do to make sure nothing happens to me, like there are no ghost encounters’. And she was like, ‘Well, you have to make an offering when you get home tonight.’ And I thought she was going to tell me to like cut the head off a chicken and put blood over me or something. And she was like, ‘OK, I’ll tell you the trick. Tequila and salt’ … she said leave it on your kitchen table and tell them it’s for them and to leave you alone.”

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4 responses to “Emma Roberts afraid of ghosts”

  1. Tom says:

    Such a big girl and is afraid of ghosts! She actually doesn’t say she as ever had a ghost encounter! I wonder why people are afraid of what they have never seen? Tequila and salt? Oh, really? This is I the insanity in its latest stage! What is the ghosts are far from Spanish ancestors? Lol. I believe Emma Roberts just needs a great psycho analytic and that is!

  2. Gabi says:

    Ha ha, I think Emma Roberts didn’t really understood the meaning of the trick, as I am sure the lady from that tour while seeing Emma’s reaction wanted simply to joke and cheer her up, while Emma took it serious. I guess it is the time for her to grow up and start being mature, as this is exactly who she is right now. Anyways I am sure her husband will help her a lot about it as well. Besides, if there really are ghosts in the house than she surely will not be able to do anything about them, so I guess it would be good if she would stop carrying about the things she cannot change or influence, it will be much easier for her to live this way

  3. Sarah says:

    Awe wow, Emma has grew up into a very beautiful woman, I remember I saw a movie with her, a long time ago where she is a the elder child in the family in which the mother has died, so ever since her mother’s death she started acting like a very difficult teenager and kept blaming her father for everything that was going wrong in her life. The end of this movie is pretty awesome, I even feel like I want to re watch it, too bad I do not remember the name of the movie. Hey guys does anyone knows the name of this movie? If so, please write in a comment, I would be very grateful.

  4. Valeria says:

    I think it is pretty hard for Emma Roberts to be a part of such famous family, as all of her family gained certain success in Hollywood, so basically if she started a carrier of an actress she has no “legal” right to perform less good when her famous aunt Julia Roberts or father Eric Roberts. And the good thing is that the young actress is really talented, of course she is a little bit raw material right now, but I guess it is not such a big problem, as surely she will keep studying and improving her skills of an actress until the moment when she will amaze everyone including Julia and Eric with her talent and acting skills.