Emma Stone intimidated by Woody Allen

Emma-Stone Working with Woody Allen is certainly a special experience for every actor simply because he is not an ordinary director and, over the years, many of his stars have confirmed that. Emma Stone stars in Allen’s latest film, Magic in the Moonlight, and she admits that the whole experience was intimidating and different.

She told Collider: ”It was hugely intimidating. I think after a while you get your sea legs a little bit, but there’s no rehearsal process, there’s no real getting-to-know Woody at all. You are just terrified. It’s all cold.”

Emma was also very surprised that she didn’t even meet with the director before she was offered the part.

She explained: ”I didn’t physically see him. He didn’t pull me into any room and he wasn’t there when I read the script. Someone gave me the script. His assistant gave me the script and I read it, gave it back to her and then left.”

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