Emma Stone loves working with Andrew Garfield


Emma Stone re-teamed with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man 2 and she enjoyed working with him.

The actress says that working with people you know has its benefits and especially loves filming with Andrew.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said:  ”When it comes to working with people you already know, it’s much better and easier. It’s great to be working together. He’s an amazing actor and I always feel like I’m learning something from him.”

”But in terms of finding a career and home life balance, well I’m still working on that,” Emma added.

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6 responses to “Emma Stone loves working with Andrew Garfield”

  1. Phillippe says:

    It is always easier and more fun to work with the people you already know and definitely are attracted to. They look as a great couple to me. So, why they do not try dating, I wonder?)))

  2. Matthew says:

    I find Emma just so stunning! I LOVE red hair on her, even though she is naturally blonde. The blonde makes her look plain, whereas this colour brings out her features more, especially her eyes. gorgeous, big green eyes. The eye shadow here is doing her no favours, but she is gorgeous nonetheless.

  3. Sam says:

    Anyone who thinks a 25 year old woman who weighs 85 pounds is healthy looking they need their heads examined! look at her legs they look like sticks. she also has a “huge head syndrome” common in people that starve themselves.

  4. Kitty says:

    Hmm, I think Emma Stone is a pretty little liar, as we all know two people cannot do everything together and be in a perfect relationship. Eventually even if you truly, madly and deeply love your partner you need some time and space for yourself, as if being with each other all the time, it makes the relationship boring, and after a certain period of time, two people start looking for reasons of escape, and avoiding each other. I guess that is not a very good thing. And I would love not to go through it again in my life, I participated in one projects with my husband, I thought it will be fun, but it was a total disaster and we were very close to divorce. Thank God we finished the project and everything finished, sometimes I get so terrified when I think how everything could have end. So my advice to any couple is to never work on anything together.

  5. Rosie says:

    I believe there is supposed to be a serious division between family and work. People who are crossing the line in a lot of cases regret that very much but it is too late, and there is anything they can do in order to stop or change what they have done. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to my marriage, of course some people might think now that probably it was not that strong the relation between us, but it is a wrong opinion, we loved each other very much, but I crossed the line when I start giving some vice versa ideas from my husband. At first he was hiding the fact that he didn’t really like it, but later it was already very hard for him to do that, but it was already too late for me, as I could not save our love. Wish someone was there for me and help me out.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I think Amy and Andrew is a very good couple but they should stop risking that much with their relationship as one day it made end up pretty bad. Especially considering their profession, there is no man in the world who would like being criticized by his woman at his work place, and eventually while working together they will have some pretentions to each other. Usually this kind of silly and at the first sight funny situations are able to grow a huge conflict, and as a result two people can stop their relationship, which eventually is a drama no one wants in his life.