Emma Thompson: Films aimed at older people are a tragic mistake


Emma Thompson is a woman who has never been afraid to speak her mind. This time she has criticized those who promote movies with older casts to older audiences, calling it a “tragic mistake”.

The actress is currently promoting her latest movie The Love Punch, and she says that even though all cast members are over 50 years of age the film will appeal to young people too.

She insists there is no need to discuss age in relation to the film.

During an interview on BBC Radio 4, Thompson said: “This film isn’t for older people, that would be a tragic mistake to indicate that we were making this for older people. What I find really fantastic about it is that it’s young people who seem to enjoy it just as much, if not more.


“I don’t see where age has to come into it – it’s been made to entertain everybody in the groups that we’re supposed to be in, which is a selection of ages. The fact is that the film industry has tried to separate us into groups, and it’s a mistake culturally, artistically and economically.”

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One response to “Emma Thompson: Films aimed at older people are a tragic mistake”

  1. Billy says:

    Miss Thompson ” I do not like you” furthermore you are not such a good actress as you might think you are