Emma Thompson: Young actresses are under pressure to look perfect

emma-thompson-arrives-at-bafta_3969081 In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Emma Thompson said that young actresses look the same because of the pressure to look perfectly slim.

The Oscar-winning actress thinks it’s awful that young stars have to put up with such demands.

She said: ”It seems young actresses are under pressure to look a particular way. They look the same, that’s the thing. And they’re all being photo-shopped in adverts for all sort of products, so maybe that’s difficult as well – because you’ve got pictures of yourself looking perfect. They have to be this specific model size and if they got on to the red carpet, they’re all having to walk like models and dress like models. I think the pressure is terrible.”

Emma insists she wouldn’t have changed her body image if someone had asked her to. ”I’d have told them were to shove it. I’ve always been a card-carrying feminist. But in those days, I was fierce, fierce, very angry,” she added.

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One response to “Emma Thompson: Young actresses are under pressure to look perfect”

  1. Elly says:

    Emma is right, all present actresses look like models and look almost the same, the same slim. The actresses should be different for multiple roles, not looking like models with perfect skin, waist, breast, legs, etc. Doing all this plastic surgery, sticking to diets, they become like Barbie dolls with the same noses, eyes and lips ad hair. Were is the individuality, ladies? Not all the men like slim ladies and who would enjoy a life with a slim lady, who is constantly aggressive as she under eats all the time and many health issues flowing from this. Who needs it? Nobody’s perfect!