Emmy Rossum likes nerds


In an interview with People magazine, Emmy Rossum has revealed what type of men she likes.

The actress finds intelligent men, who can teach her something, very attractive. She would always choose a nerdy guy over a hunky good-looking man.

”I’m kinda more attracted to the nerd. I’m really into guys who are super smart and funny and can teach me something I don’t know about,” she explained.

Shameless star insists women shouldn’t be shallow about men’s physical appearance and thinks personality is way more important than looks.

She said: ”Girls, and guys too, are so shallow that we don’t give a chance to the good guy who’s maybe not as cute. They’re kinda like a fixer-upper apartment. You need to pick the guy who’s really good inside and then give him a makeover. Turn him into the perfect version of himself. You can never change what’s inside, that’s the problem. You can change their jacket and their hairstyle, and buy them a Clarisonic.”

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5 responses to “Emmy Rossum likes nerds”

  1. Angie says:

    Emmy Rossum is definitely not a shallow woman. I like the way she thinks. Yes, as you end up living with the person, not his/her looks. The looks are changeable, the style too, the essence of the person remains the same. But people can change really, if there is a will. I mean learning new things and developing themselves, if there is a wish, if not then people won’t be able to pretend for the long time ad the true essence ill come to the surface. When a man loves you he will easily undergo the style changes done by his beloved. This is a common fact!))

  2. Cameron says:

    Nerds are also people, and they are not shallow as many of the ‘macho’ boys many women prefer these days. Still, I believe that similar attracts similar and shallow women are attracted by shallow guys. Well, you can attract anyone by great looks, but it is not the outer beauty that keeps two people together. It stakes much more than a pair of beautiful eyes to be happy with the one you have found.

  3. Lina says:

    Finally I see at least one woman who is more interested with a man’s intelligence than with his bank account or other things that are bothering girls nowadays. I have no clue why, but all they are doing is discussing the material things, and it is killing me to see that good old features such as character, kindness, ability to help the others and so on are being forgotten completely. It scares me the fact that right now it is growing the generations of new grandmothers who will have tattoos all over and are smocking and abusing alcohol since their childhood times. I think it is weird and not nice at all. I want a world better than that, and I will do whatever it will take from me in order to make it come true. I am glad Emmy Rossum is one my side, as eventually this girl has more intelligence to see the obvious valuables than any other people who are much older than she is.

  4. Jane says:

    I think that Emmy Rossum is a very smart girl, as she sees more valuable things than the biggest part of the girls who are same age as she is. Like for example the fact that most of all she appreciates intelligent young people, that is a good thing, because if a man is intelligent and also has ambitious than he will become very successful in the future, especially if will have a good and supporting woman by his side. That is the right choice from Emmy’s side, as it is easy to make from a smart man pretty much everything you want, while from a not very smart but rich one you will not be able to built anything more. According to my own observations young people who were born in rich families, or grew up in families that become rich at the times when they were quite young, those young people grew up being useless, as they do not know what it feels like earning your own money, as well as they do not know how to appreciate and know the value of the money, of course it is even obvious, as only a working person knows that. That is why I am against those parents who are spoiling their children, as in reality they do it because they feel guilty for the fact that they are bad parents who work all the time and do not have time for them, that is why in order to feel less guilty they are giving kids a lot of money in order to make themselves feeling better and that all the time they spend at work is worthy.

  5. Rosie says:

    I think Emmy Rossum has touched some very important subject. And I totally agree with her position, right now young women are being attracted more by the material part of young men, or by the huge amount of muscles, and it is just not fair. This is not the way life is supposed to be, this is my personal opinion. Not a long time ago I have seen a commercial that has touched my heart as since I saw it the first time, I kept looking for it in the internet and looking it again and again. The subject of this commercial was that there was a young man working at a office full of people, and that young man since being born had problems, as his face looked like he have been through some fire or something like that. So when he was working in the office, even though he was the best worker in it, all people around him were doing were some awful and upsetting him comments, but nevertheless he was able to earn the kiss on a cheek from the most beautiful girl in the office than he stood for her outside while bad guys from the office tried to take advantage of her. Anyway the meaning of that commercial was that the most important thing is not the physical appearance, but the person’s heart and values. I highly recommend that video to everyone, I am sure the more hearts it will touch in the same way as it touched mine, the more good people would be around the world.