Eva Longoria feels sexier with age


39-year-old Eva Longoria is confident about her looks and aging isn’t something she is worried about.

For most women, especially those in Hollywood, approaching 40 is a big deal, but Eva obviously couldn’t care less. The actress actually feels much sexier now than she did ten years ago.

The Desperate Housewives star told People at her birthday party: ”I had no idea what was happening 10 years ago, I was in a big vortex of madness. I feel more intelligent about a lot of other things than ten years ago. So that makes me feel sexy.”

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4 responses to “Eva Longoria feels sexier with age”

  1. Olive says:

    Eva Longria looks just perfect and definitely sexier than she did 10 years ago. This is what happens to the self-confident women and women, who tae care of themselves. When you are not afraid of additional age refection on your body and take it naturally the nature is kind to you. Besides, Eva is lucky to have great genes and definitely looks hot at her age. She doesn’t look 39, but she doesn’t look a foolish young girl either. Her sexiness lays in her charms and happy eyes. This certain sparkle no make up can substitute.

  2. Elaine says:

    Eva Longoria really is sexy, honestly speaking although I am a girl, and a normal one, I mean a straight one, I can easily say that she is the definition of sexiness, and I learnt many things from the character Gabriele Solis in the “Desperate Housewives”, for some reason I think that Eva’s character in real life, is very much alike with the character she is performing in the show, and at the same time it is very close to my own one. I am very grateful to Eva for many things, it is funny and weird the fact that we both went through a very hard divorce at the same time, it doesn’t make us sisters and stuff, but it does make us real women worthy of respect for the dignity and pride with which we followed another challenge brought to us by life and fate.

  3. Rita says:

    Eva Longoria was always my favorite Latin actress, for some reason I managed to love her character and wonderful laughter, although some people might think it is a scary one, I think it is a cute childish giggling, and it is great that though she is not that young anymore, she managed to stay a child inside her soul, as there are no people more honest and sincere in this life, than children are. This is something I respect and care about. Nowadays honestly is same highly appreciated as gold is, because people are treating each other very bad, and think that they have right for it for some reason, I think it is disgusting and I wish there were more female actresses like she is.

  4. Olga says:

    Eva Longoria is like a rising Phoenix bird, after her ex husband Parker have cheated on her, I thought she will never be able to go through it, as she looked so depressed and devastated, like he have broken something inside of her, and she kept crying on all of the interviews that she had, but somehow she has found the power that made her pull herself together and be the same girl as she used to be before marrying that monster. Eva is a great example of optimism and love for life for me, I think I would never stop being amazed with the things she does, as well as with her character. I am sure that she will manage to do some other crazy things quite soon that will make me admire her even more than I do now, even if it seems that there is no more limit of admiration.