Eva Longoria not sure if she’ll have children


Even though she has always wanted to have a family, Eva Longoria won’t raise a child on her own and would only consider having a baby with the right man.

The 39-year-old actress, who is currently dating TV mogul José Bastón, is not sure if she’ll ever have kids.

Speaking to Parade magazine, she said: ”I’ve always wanted a family. I believe in family. But children are a product of love. So I don’t think I’ll go off and have a baby by myself. I do not have that need to procreate.”

Eva says she is very happy with her life right now, and getting older is not something she is worried about.

”Age is something you can’t control, so why worry about it? I would never want to repeat my 20s. I welcome age with open arms because I want to evolve as a human being, gain more wisdom,” she added.

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One response to “Eva Longoria not sure if she’ll have children”

  1. Tara says:

    I absolutely understand Eva Longoria and feel the same. I do not feel a need to procreate too. Kids are very nice and are happiness, but only with the right and as a family. I won’t lake a decision to have babies just to have them, only with the right man!