Eva Longoria wants to move into politics

eva-1 Outspoken democrat Eva Longoria is very ambitious when it comes to politics. The actress wants to take her political career more seriously and is reportedly thinking of running for mayor of San Antonio.

A source said: ”Eva wants to start small, maybe on a city council in her native Texas, or as mayor of San Antonio or Corpus Christi. Her two-year plan is to run for senate.”

Longoria is determined to make it in Washington and has asked George Clooney for help. ”George has been coaching Eva on how to operate in Washington versus Hollywood, she wants to be taken seriously on the political scene,” the insider added.

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2 responses to “Eva Longoria wants to move into politics”

  1. Mattew says:

    I wonder why more and more actresses and actors want to be in politics. Is this another way to gain publicity and popularity? I wonder why this tendency has recently appeared. Do they think politics is the same as acting? I am for only specially educated people in politics to rule and lead the country in the right direction.

  2. John says:

    Yes, what the hell is going on! I want to be a politician as well!))) I wonder why politicians can become anyone from celebrities, who want it?! What about the right education and experience??? It is another great way to gain popularity and gain more money, that is!