Evan Ross eager to get married as soon as possible


Evan Ross is so in love ha can’t wait to tie the knot with Ashlee Simpson. They got engaged in January, after only six months of dating.

Speaking to E! News, the actor said he and Ashlee could even get married on a romantic getaway together.

He said: ”Honestly, we could go and get married right now, wherever. We just want to be married. We’re in love. This is the most incredible time I could ever think of in my life and I’m young, but the same time, I’ve lived a different life than most and I can’t think of a happier moment.”

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4 responses to “Evan Ross eager to get married as soon as possible”

  1. Wayne says:

    The couple looks happy and why not marrying when you are totally in love. Getting married is such happiness, but also a very responsible step. Though, I still believe this is the matter of fate some are ready to marry very fast and some cannot decide even after years of dating. My husband proposed me on the 6th date and I agreed. We got married in a year and are still happy together. So, I hope Evan Ross has made the right choice and the wedding will take place and the wedding will be lasting.

  2. Inna says:

    Well Ashlee Simpson does look super in love with Evan Ross, as well as he does, so what the heck, let the young people getting married, I am against those long term relationships that later do not bring any logical happy end to the couple, as man is getting so used with the woman by his side, that he stops carrying a lot about her, like he used from the beginning, and as a result that part what was awhile ago goes away, and women do not really forgive something like that, they just leave this kind of man and never come back, so that is something I wouldn’t like to happen to this young and adorable couple, I just wish them lots of happiness and a huge quantity of kids, they both are very beautiful so I am sure they will make some very cute kids together.

  3. Briana says:

    So what if their marriage will be a mistake, we all are people and we all are making some mistakes of our own, and it doesn’t mean that we can and have the power to forbid other people from those mistakes. Every person has the right to make its own mistakes, and who are we, in order to stay on the way of the real love. I am so happy for the Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, they both look so happy together, I look at them and from one side I am happy for them, while from the other side I feel a little jealous and envy for their happiness, but in a good way of course.

  4. Elaine says:

    Wow, I never knew that Diana Ross has such a cute son, I think Ashlee Simpson is much luckier than her sister Jessica as she got an awesome man, and I do hope that their marriage will last forever, and they will never divorce, as lots of people do nowadays. I am one of those people who believe if two people ever got married it is just because they had feelings for each other, so of course with time feelings and passion might slow down and become less strong, but by that time some stronger bounds are supposed to appear, such as mutual everlasting respect and unconditional care towards each other, those are the things for the sake of which each marriage is supposed to be saved.