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Famous People From Argentina Learn the current information about Argentina beauty. Discover the most popular and most beautiful women 2018.

Argentina is a country where the most charming and sexiest girls live. They attract with their mentality, beauty and hot character. A lot of men from different corners of the world dream about Argentina women and are ready to do everything to become a part of their life. But very often both men and women admire the beauty of Argentina women celebrities. That’s why we are ready to present the most wonderful famous people from Argentina. Among them you can find Brenda Asnicar (actress and singer), Luisana Lopilato, Laría Eugenia Suárez (actress, model, singer), Julie Gonzalo is an actress of Argentine origin, best known for the role of Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing in the American television series “Dallas”.

But what is so special about Argentina women? You can not argue that a beautiful woman always knows how to dress properly. The Argentina girls prove this by their example: let the cloths not always be of high quality, but the clothes help the girls to emphasize their individuality. If you look at the Argentina girls, it seems that the makeup is always with them. On the streets, squares, shops, in the metro – it’s hard to see someone without makeup.

Brenda Asnicar

Brenda Asnicar

Going to the restaurant in the evening or just to the movies with friends, the girls are transformed beyond recognition. When the heat subsides, they can afford bright makeup, hairstyles, heels and extravagant dresses. Argentina women love to emphasize their figure: deep neckline, mini, open back, slits and tight things. They are not afraid of bright colors and experiments. Argentina a in the daytime is very natural, in light, flying dresses (or jeans), with gathered hair. In the evening she is “la femme fatale”, with shiny black flowing hair, in a dress that emphasizes the figure and makes it more sexy and attractive to the opposite love.

In Argentina, one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to beauty is held – EXPO Beauty Show. Every year it is visited by more than 63 000 people. There you can not only get acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of perfumes and cosmetics and all kinds of body care products, but also get answers to all the questions interesting you. There are also various master classes. Experts will show how to apply makeup, style hair and make different hair styles.

Argentina Dating: How to Date Argentinian Girls

As for relations with men, everything is not so simple. Previously, it was normal to get married before the age of 25 and be the mother of a large family. Now girls tend to be more independent, get on their feet and do not depend on either parents or men. In recent years, civil marriages have become increasingly popular. It happens that couples do not live together at all, as girls like to live with their parents, and they are not in a hurry to leave their home. In Argentina as in any other country, there are mixed marriages. Often, Argentina women choose a soul mate of the Scandinavian countries, for example, from Sweden, Finland, Norway. Children from such marriages turn out to be incredibly beautiful.


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