Felicity Jones doesn’t like watching herself on screen

felicity-jones-the-uk-premiere-of-the_4043667 Watching herself on screen is something Felicity Jones really hates.

The actress is too self-critical when it comes to her performance and always picks faults while watching her own movies.

Speaking at The Invisible Woman UK premiere on Monday evening, she told BANG Showbiz: ”When I watch myself back It’s horrible. It’s horrible. You’re just going, ‘I wish I had done that differently, don’t like that, that looks awful’. It’s just a process of self-hatred.”

Felicity plays female lead Nelly Ternan in the new movie and she was drawn to her character’s strength.

”I felt like there was a very quiet strength to her. I think she was someone who in society she didn’t have a lot of options, she was rather strained by the society of the time but she’s someone who fought for her sense of self and independence. It was just a great thing to play for an actress,” she added.

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2 responses to “Felicity Jones doesn’t like watching herself on screen”

  1. Roger says:

    Hehehehe ! I thought I was the only one, who didn’t like the way I look on a camera. I just hate the stupid things, motions I do and the way I speak. This voice seems like not being mine at all! Since actors are people, then it is also understandable why they wouldn’t like themselves on screen, besides they are very critical to their acting and look what can be changed for the next time, and this cannot be always for the best.

  2. Angel says:

    Felicity Jones is very critical to herself. I like her as an actress and she is definitely a very pretty woman. Still we are all critical to ourselves, besides selfies. I do no think she needs to be that critical, since it is the subjective point of view. I myself totally hate the way I act and talk on the videos, though the photos are nice! ))