Friend worried for Amanda Bynes

Amanda-Bynes-Wig-900-600-486x326 Jonathan Jaxson, one of the few friends Amanda Bynes keeps in touch with, is worried that she will end like Amy Winehouse.

He told MailOnline: ”She’s been promising several individuals to record and appear at places, but just can’t keep her commitments for whatever reason. She would rather be alone than have friends with her in person. Amanda is not a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, she is taking the steps of both of those combined with Amy Winehouse mixed in. Sadly, it could turn tragic unless she gets well!”

Johnatan also says that Amanda has completely cut ties with her family and denies the fact that she needs help.

bynesHe said: ”She’s definitely not OK. Still more erratic as ever and between the drugs and whatever mental things she maybe is going through, she’s only getting worse. From what I know, she’s not on medication or even seen a doctor. Her family have attempted to intervene but, last time they did, she fled to Buffalo. Every time they reach out she just gets angrier and angrier. She has alienated everyone. You can sense there’s pain and loss of control in her personal life when talking to her. She needs help, but refuses.”

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