Gemma Arterton thinks she is not famous


Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Gemma Arterton, who will star in a new musical remake of hit film Made in Dagenham in London’s West End later this year, has revealed she fears she won’t sell any tickets since she believes she is not very famous.

She said: ”I’m doing a new musical at the end of the year at the Adelphi theater, ‘Made in Dagenham’, and we’ve got to sell it out. I’m like, ‘How are we gonna sell out, with all these musicals that are closing, when the tickets are so expensive, and the theaters are so big?’


”I’m not that famous! It’s not like they’ve got Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman. I’m sure people will see my name on the poster and they’ll say, ‘Who’s that?”’

The actress also admits she is worried about singing in her new musical.

”I can sing, but I’m not like Mariah Carey. And I can sing and act at the same time. I remember when I saw ‘Les Miserables’, I thought, ‘Oh God!’ That’s ‘X Factor’-type musical theater. I love the proper, Sondheim-y kind of stuff,” she explained.

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