Gemma Arterton wants to be a role model

Gemma+Arterton+OG-PUVjTXlEm British actress Gemma Arterton chooses her roles carefully. She is aware of the influence she has on young girls and she wants to set a good example for them even though it is not always the best option for her career.

She said: ”I always think about the young girls in the audience to the point where it’s probably not helped me in terms of my career. There’s a line where you have to say, ‘this is a movie’ – you can’t always play characters who are good role models.”

Gemma+Arterton+gO1c6JmLPMDmGemma thinks that there are many ways to get noticed and that it is not always necessary to flaunt the love appeal in the underwear. ”You want to depict women in a certain way that’s positive, though there will be times when you play a victim, a user or a villain. But I think, when you play the hero, you don’t do it wearing a bra and knickers. Don’t do that; that’s not heroic. There’s a different role for that,” she said.

The 27-year-old actress doesn’t like to draw attention to herself in the public. She said: ”If you’re more unobtainable, that’s when people are more interested in you. I guess it’s a confidence thing.”

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