George Clooney not worried about aging

george-clooney-bafta-los-angeles-britannia-awards_3944859 Speaking to the Daily Express, George Clooney said he doesn’t really worry about aging. The actor accepts it as a normal process and doesn’t mind that his hair is turning grey.

Clooney isn’t really concerned about his looks since he is not an action star, so growing older doesn’t affect him as an actor.

He said: ”Luckily it became obvious pretty early on that I was not destined to be an action star so I don’t have to worry so much about how I look. I hear all this talk about how grey I am getting but I can’t imagine ever dying my hair. My dad had this full head of white hair and I think it looks pretty good.”

The Gravity star says he is happy with his life and doesn’t let his critics get to him.  ”I love my life as it is. What matters is what my friends and family think of me and so far they are all returning my calls,” he said.

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One response to “George Clooney not worried about aging”

  1. Sanchez says:

    If I were George Clooney I wouldn’t bother as well. He looks sexy with grey hair and I love him to bites! He is one of my favorite actors, a sex symbol and idol of several generations. I am happy the actor agrees to age gracefully and am happy that aging doesn’t affect his acting career. For the actors like George there are always plenty of roles no matter what age he is. I am sure many in Hollywood are jealous to his charm.