George Clooney planning to retire

george-clooney-uk-film-premiere-of-the_4063184 Speaking to BANG Showbiz, George Clooney has revealed his plans to retire from acting.

The 52-year-old star has hinted he is thinking about retiring from the big screen in the near future to focus on his work as a producer and director.

”The audience kind of tells you when it’s time to get out from in front of the camera, and it’s getting close I think,” Clooney said.

However, he is still passionate about his career. He said: ”Every time you can make a movie to tell a story that people don’t know, it’s good.”

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2 responses to “George Clooney planning to retire”

  1. Samanta says:

    Well, we will miss you George! Maybe you are going to change your mind? Still, the actor is not retiring from cinematography, but from the acting career. I am sure that George Clooney with his great experience in acting will become a very good producer and film director. He has it all, so what should go wrong?!

  2. Miranda says:

    I am sure that George Clooney will make a perfect producer and film director. He is rather experienced as an actor and I am sure knows all the cinema cuisine’. I like him as an actor and has a great sense of humor. I hope this helps him much in the moving up in his cinematograph career. Well, I will definitely miss him as an actor on the screen in latest movies.