Greatest celebrity partiers

Rich and famous really know how to party. Some celebs just like to drink a little too much or consume illegal substances without thinking of the consequences. And the consequences range from bad PR to rehab or even jail. Here are some of the craziest celebrity party animals.

Tara Reid








She is a genuine party girl. The actress once partied so hard that a tooth literally popped out of her mouth. Most sensible people would stop what they’re doing and visit a dentist immediately, but Reid simply found some Krazy Glue and reinserted it so she could continue to dance the night away.

Colin Farrell








Once voted as the top party animal of Hollywood, Colin Farrell has always been seen around with his friends and girlfriends. His drinking and partying habits have landed him in the rehab, and now being the father of two, he’s trying to give it up all. Suddenly his interests have seemingly become more irate, and it’s yet to be seen if he’ll be back on the party stage like the old days.

Kim Kardashian








You don’t have to be a big drinker to be a big partier. Kim Kardashian claims she doesn’t drink, but this hasn’t stopped her from enjoying lavish soirees all over the globe. From fancy fetes aboard yachts in Cannes to over-the-top bat mitzvahs in Long Island, this reality starlet is one of the busiest partiers on the planet.

Drew Barrymore








Drew Barrymore, the star right from her childhood, is a party animal of all times. She’s been rebellious and haughty and seen most often with her best pal Cameron Diaz. And while Cameron likes surfing, Barrymore always occupies the centre stage at every party, dancing and drinking her ways through the night. These days, however, things have changed. Drew is now a wife and a mom (expecting her second child), so she doesn’t party hard anymore.

Britney Spears








This party girl has been through it all, a drirtbag husband, kids, flashing incidents, and hanging out with the other Hollywood party girls. She’s seen partying for all occasions, whether it was her wedding, her pregnancy or now the birthday of her children; it all calls for huge celebration and big parties. Her life’s personal struggles sent her career in the recess mode for a long time, and yet this only brought forth more parties, drugs and drinks.

Russell Brand








Brand’s hard-partying ways led to him being arrested by the police on numerous occasions and were likely behind some of his most questionable life decisions, like showing up to work at MTV dressed as Osama bin Laden on the morning after the 9/11 attacks. Brand is clean and sober now, but he’s still just as capable of leaving his mark on a party, as evidenced on September 3, 2013 at the GQ Men of the Year celebration, when he joked about Hugo Boss’ role in designing uniforms for the Nazis.

Paris Hilton








Paris is a true party professional who can turn a 3-year-old’s birthday into the hottest event in town. That’s why this vacuous blonde is routinely paid tens of thousands of dollars to make brief appearances at restaurant openings, film premieres, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs.

Charlie Sheen








Charlie Sheen, one of the most popular TV Stars has had the most exciting parties, wrought with allegations of drug abuse and prostitution. Recently he became the most popular internet star over twitter, surpassing 2 million followers, all because of his fancy for partying with adult movie stars.

Lindsay Lohan








She’s getting in a car crash, she’s dancing on tables, she’s getting arrested, she’s in rehab, and so on. Lindsay is the tabloids dream and the whole world knows everything about her partying habits and lifestyle.

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2 responses to “Greatest celebrity partiers”

  1. Martin says:

    Well, party animals are everywhere among the celebs and not only. Definitely the celebrities are known to everyone and their parties cause either bad or good PR. However, in majority of cases they know how to throw a cool party but just drink too much or take illegal substances and ruin not only themselves, but their reputation. I would like to believe Kim Kardashian doesn’t drink or doesn’t drink much. Well, I personally have never seen or heard of her being drunk.

  2. Moris says:

    Nice to meet you, Hollywood party animals! What fun is about clubbing all the time. I never understood people burning their lives like that! Well, maybe something wrong is with me and my values, but people forgot reading, theaters, operas, museums, galleries and much more things. Sex, drugs and partying has become the new “God’ of the 21st century.