Gwyneth Paltrow helped Courtney Love overcome addiction


In an interview with Britain’s Grazia magazine, Courtney Love openly spoke about her past drug abuse issues and has revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow helped her clean up.

The rocker was initially using heroin back in the 90s and also struggled with using ADHD medication Adderall in 2011.

She admits she was a ”mess ” and kept sending ”crazy” emails to her friends and it was Gwyneth’s offer to help that made her realize she needed to stop taking the drug.

”I was a mess. I needed to get off it,” Courtney says. ” Some crazy psychiatrist told me I needed it and I was writing all these crazy long emails and no one could understand what I was on about. I was alienating my friends.


”Gwyneth believed in me, she is a stalwart and I sent her a crazy email and all I got back was, ‘Are you OK for cash and lawyers?’ I didn’t answer for three days and that was when I kicked Adderall.”

Love admits it wasn’t easy to give up the drug, but she did it.

”It took me a week to kick – it wasn’t ‘Trainspotting’-hard but it was psychological. And then I replied to Gwyneth and said, ‘I am not going to answer those questions’ – cos, you know, I wasn’t OK for cash or lawyers – ‘but that you asked, I will never forget.’ ”


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