Halle Berry not worried about baby weight


Last October Halle Berry welcomed her second child and she says that little Maceo-Robert has brought real joy to her family.

The 47-year-old actress is healthy and happy and isn’t worried about a few pounds she gained during pregnancy.

She told People: ”I’m healthy and that’s really good. When you’re nursing you can’t really diet because you have to keep producing milk … I’m healthy and I’m happy and that’s all that matters.”

Halle, who also has six-year-old daughter Nahla from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry, enjoys spending time with her new baby, but admits that it’s not easy for her and her husband to balance career and parenthood.

She explained: ”A new baby means less sleep. And I’m working on the TV show. It’s a new grind, it’s a new rhythm. We’re trying to get used to that. But we’re managing.”

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2 responses to “Halle Berry not worried about baby weight”

  1. Dee says:

    How nice to hear someone say they are breastfeeding and then not hear how it just helps the weight fall right off. I breastfed all 4 of mine for a year each and I never saw the weight just melt off. After they were weaned I would reduce my calorie intake to lose weight but when I was supposed to be producing milk I was always worried about reducing calories also reducing my milk supply. A relative of mine was so sure that dieting and breastfeeding would help her lose weight but instead it just made her put her son on formula. I know this method works for plenty of women, but it never worked for me. I am not denying someone else’s results. I am just saying that I never breastfed and lost weight other than the normal pounds lost after delivery.

  2. Lucy says:

    Of course that’s all that matters and I’m glad she recognizes that instead of clamoring to lose weight, which I think is insane.