Halle Berry wants to star in a romantic comedy

halle_berry_2013_oscars Ever since she got an Oscar for 2001’s Monster’s Ball, producers offer only serious roles to Halle Berry but she says she would love to star in a romantic comedy.

She explained to Empire magazine: ”There’s a movie called ‘Shoe Addicts Anonymous’ that’s a comedy. I’ve been wanting to do a rom-com for a very long time, and this is my chance. That could happen very soon after I have my next child. I started off doing rom-coms early in my career, but after Monster’s Ball everybody thought that’s all I wanted to do or should do.”

HALLE-BERRY-THE-CALLWorking on her latest movie, The Call, Halle suffered an injury on the set, but despite that she insists on doing her own stunts, regardless of how risky it can be. ”When you’re an actor or actress who does their own stunts, there’s always the chance you’ll get hurt. When I bumped my head on this movie, it’s because a guy crashed my head to the cement, misjudging the distance to the ground. But I’d rather do my own stunt work and be part of it,” the 46-year-old star said.

The Call is a tense thriller about a 911 dispatch officer who tries to help a kidnapped girl escape.

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