Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Magic’s Up a New Trick

In a bid to shed her straight laced image it is reported that Harry Potter star Emma Watson has taken up pole dancing lessons.

Audiences are more familiar with Emma as prim and proper, tough nut sorceress Hermione Granger from the famous films however it seems that the actress has traded in her broomstick for something a little racier whilst working on the set of her new film The Bling Ring.

Finding herself at a loose end when not on set Emma has reportedly taken up the sport after it was recommended by a friend for its fitness benefits.

Not known for controversy

The cast of the Harry Potter films are not known for their controversy or wild antics but perhaps Ms Watson is trying to mix things up a little.

That said you can see why the star might want to take up the sport in order to maintain her petite physique and keep her place amongst other up and coming Hollywood starlets. Pole dancing is extremely physical and can no longer be dismissed as something smutty and sordid. It requires a lot of stamina, strength and flexibility and is a combination of dance and gymnastics.

The new movie The Bling Ring is sure to guarantee that Watson has left her Harry Potter character well and truly behind her as the character she plays could not be more different to Hermione.

New image

The just turned 22, Watson, who began working as Hermione when she was 9 years old, has already been seen in skimpy clothing and sporting hair extensions on set. Last month she was photographed wearing short cut off denim shorts with a lace midriff bearing top, cropped leather jacket and snakeskin strappy stilettos – a far cry from the Hogwarts uniform and wizard attire. The photographs also showed a tattoo on her lower back – fans of clean living Watson shouldn’t be alarmed though as the tattoo is also part of the rebellious character she plays and has been painted on.

True story

Thought to be due for release in 2013 ‘The Bling Ring’ is a story based on true events. The real life ‘Bling Ring’ was a group of teenagers and young adults who lived in California and who targeted the homes of famous stars and burgled them. The stars included Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Lindsey Lohan and Orlando Bloom.

The burglaries took place between October 2008 and August 2009 and all in all the gang were responsible for taking around $3 million worth of cash and designer belongings. Over 50 homes were targeted by the gang but rather than take any large or bulky items like appliances or sectional couches the group stuck to clothing, cash and designer handbags. These were things they either coveted for themselves or could sell on.

In the film Emma plays Nicki one of the gang. Nicki’s mother is played by Leslie Mann and as an ex Playboy model she teaches her daughters to seek fame.

Tweeting her success

Filming finished at the end of April for the Bling Ring and Watson has herself remained tight lipped about her new hobby. However, she has taken to Twitter to promote her image for the film by tweeting:

“Twitterers meet Nicki, Nicki meet twitterers : ) @blingringmovie http://yfrog.com/j2q87xnj

She has also clearly enjoyed her time making the film stateside as she tweeted earlier last month:

“Filming Bling Ring is going great. As Israel would say ‘we are slaying this!’. Thanks for the good luck messages”.

Clothing flop

Quite in contrast and alongside her film work Watson has also put her hand to clothes design, as she collaborated with designer Alberta Ferretti in an organic range of clothing.

Unfortunately her attempts to do good by producing environmentally friendly clothing have faltered as the eco label People Tree hasn’t been selling as well as anticipated.

This means she has put on hold further plans to work with Ferretti until she can find more time to dedicate to the project.

Perhaps this means that she can spend more time crafting her new found sporting activity of pole dancing in between acting jobs. If Watson’s previous film success is anything to go by The Bling Ring is set to be another hit especially when she is alongside other cast members, Kirsten Dunst and Gavin Rossdale.



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