Heather Graham loves talking about love with her girlfriends

heather_graham_632020 Heather Graham┬ásays that she is not really a party girl. The actress says she doesn’t drink or do drugs and instead of going out she prefers getting together with her close girlfriends with whom she mostly talks about love and career.

She said: ”Well, we’re still wild, we talk about how to get the best possible love, how we want to meet somebody and have a great career. We’re not that tame. I just don’t really drink or do drugs.”

heather-graham-pic-getty-734352172Heather is very close to her female friends that she even wrote a movie script based on their friendship. ”I do have girlfriends who I love, actually, that I just wrote a script about. I have these friends, we get together and we make wishes. It is definitely not as dark as ‘The Hangover’, it’s more like, ‘What positive things do we want to have happen?’ It’s kind of raunchy. I’ve given the script to a bunch of people to read, and one guy was really horrified. He was like: ‘Do women really talk like this?’ Some men are really scared. I think women are really honest about love,” Heather said.

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