Heaviest celebrity smokers

It is estimated that more than 45 million Americans smoke cigarettes. Even though the number of tobacco users has decreased in the past decade or so, there are still too many people with this unhealthy habit and celebrities are among them. Check out the stars who are nicotine addicts.

Kate Winslet







Although Kate hasn’t tried to hide the fact that she smokes, photos of her actually smoking continue to shock the general public. The Oscar-winning actress has confessed to Elle magazine that the first thing she does in the morning, after brushing her teeth, is to roll her first cigarette of the day.

Kelly Osbourne

Zac Posen - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014






Kelly Osbourne has lost weight over the years due to a strict vegan diet that she maintains. She’s known as wanting to eat clean, even planning her wedding menu around healthy choices. Although the celeb continues to have a vegan lifestyle, she also smokes on a regular basis and has been seen on Lopez Tonight discussing the habit.

Russell Crowe







“I have been smoking for 36 years,” Crowe said at a press conference in 2010, revealing that he was “smoking 40” on an easy day. Three years ago the actor has finally decided to quit smoking. However, that didn’t last too long. He was spotted taking a brief smoke break at the balcony of his hotel in Los Angeles in March amidst his promotional tour of Noah.

Jennifer Aniston







When you look at the sweet image of Jennifer Aniston you would not think that she is a smoker, but the paparazzi has made a killing off of pictures of her taking a smoke break. A smoker since she was a teenager, Aniston has talked about quitting many times over the years without following through. “Well, I recently quit smoking, and you do put on some extra pounds,” she told GQ in 2012. “It makes a difference, especially if you’re not 20.”

Jessica Alba







Alba has generally promoted herself as healthy, and even owns a healthy home products company, but she also enjoys the occasional cigarette. TV Predictions notes that Alba, who is now in her early 30s, had been seen smoking on many occasions during the year 2013. It is believed that she has tried to quit in the past.

Johnny Depp







He is a young starter. Depp smoked his first cigarette when he was 12. He is still a chain smoker in spite of several attempts to cut down. The actor once threatened to defy any smoking bans in both Great Britain and in America. In 2005, Depp tried to quit. He said: “I’ve weaned myself down to about, on a great day, on a really great day, three cigarettes. For a nicotine junkie the essential cigs are three: the first-of-the-day cigarette smoked after lunch, the after-dinner cigarette and then the one taken whenever you want – the luxury-wild-card smoke. It used to be quite a bit more. It used to be, I’d smoke the table. I’d smoke the patch. I’d smoke the gum. So I feel good about it.” Sadly, that didn’t last and after giving up cigarettes for a while, Depp found himself taking a drag and relapsing into the habit. “Literally, the nicotine hits you and you’re back,” he told Rolling Stone last year. “If you’re a cigarette smoker, a serious smoker, then you’re a junkie. You’re a junkie to that drug.”

Keira Knightley







Knightley is one of many celebs who just can’t seem to stop smoking. Some critics even believe that the actress’s unhealthy habit is one that helps to keep her weight down a bare minimum. In recent years, the busy star has been seeing puffing away on set and off, in locations such as restaurants and bars, where she is sometimes forced to stand outside to smoke.

Gwyneth Paltrow







In Elle magazine’s 2011 in-depth feature on Paltrow, the actress admitted she has at least one bad habit. Paltrow, who has made a name for herself as a generally healthy woman who is obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has admitted that one of her vices is smoking. However, she notes that she generally only lights up during a night out with friends.

Kate Hudson







Hudson has admitted to smoking cigarettes in various interviews, and the proof is in the pictures. There have been numerous photos of her puffing away whether she is at a club, at the beach, or walking down the street. She started smoking alongside her mom Goldie Hawn when she was young. Despite saying that she has quit for good after becoming pregnant, the actress has been spotted in 2013 trying to sneak a cigarette on a few different occasions.






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