Helen Mirren brands social media distasteful

helen Despite the great popularity Twitter, Facebook and similar sites have among celebrities, Helen Mirren is not a fan of social media and even finds it distasteful. She is, however, aware of its usefulness.

When asked if she is on Twitter or another form of social media, the actress told HELLO! magazine: ”No, I’m not a social media person. It’s not that it upsets me, that’s not the right word, but I find it distasteful. But I see it as a great tool politically and obviously it’s a great marketing tool.”

Helen once had her own Facebook account, to keep in touch with family, but she didn’t like it and deleted her profile after only a day.

helen-mirrenShe explained: ”Well, I did – I went on Facebook for about 24 hours because I have young members of my family and I travel a lot and I wanted to be in touch.

”But I found very rapidly – literally within 24 hours – that I just found it so intrusive and I didn’t want strangers wanting to become my friends. I just didn’t want that. There was something really scary about it and I didn’t like it at all.”

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