Henry Cavill: Craig was best for Bond

henry_cavill_634903 Man of Steel star Henry Cavill admits that Daniel Craig was a better choice than he would have been to play James Bond. Cavill auditioned for the famous 007 agent but lost the part to Craig and, after seeing him in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, he believes that the producers have made the right decision.

Henry told Nuts magazine: ”When I wasn’t selected for Bond, I was very disappointed. I’d turned down a leading role in 300 because it was down to Daniel Craig and me, and auditioning for Bond took all my focus. The choice was between a younger Bond and one closer to his 40s, which is to say, Daniel Craig. But I’ve seen what Daniel did and I think the Bond producers made the right choice. He’s fantastic.”

Henry-Cavill-in-Man-of-Steel-2013-Movie-Scanned-Image-2After landing the role of Superman, Cavill hopes that he will be in a better position to choose his future jobs so he wouldn’t have to take just any part offered. ”The thing is, people believe that actors are able to choose their roles, but most of the time we’re just taking the jobs we can get. Now I potentially get the luxury of choice – not every job’s a good job,” he said.

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