Highest paid reality TV stars

Networks and studios are making big money on various reality TV shows and as much as some criticize them, the fact remains that this type of entertainment is popular among the audience, and, needless to say, highly profitable. So, how much do reality stars earn? Read on and find out who are the highest paid reality TV stars.

Blake Shelton: $4 million








A TV Guide salary survey said the country singer hauls in $4 million per cycle of The Voice. Breakout judge/mentor Shelton’s singers have won The Voice three times in a row, proving his popularity and value to the NBC hit. His wife, singer Miranda Lambert, has also appeared on the show.

Keith Urban: $5 million








Keith Lionel Urban, the New Zealand-born country singer, is a popular judge on the hit reality show American Idol. Nicole Kidman’s country star husband, who’s known for calling American Idol’s lady contestants “baby,” is the only judge returning from last season’s debacle and he’ll be taking home $5 million.

Cee Lo Green: $6 million








The web site The Wrap reported that the F*** You singer made $6 million to judge season three of The Voice. Cee Lo took a break to work on his own music during season 4, but the singer and his white cat will be back for season five, for which he’ll presumably get a raise.

The Kardashians: $10 million








The Kardashians make silly money through their reality show, eponymously-named ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’. In summer 2012, the family signed a deal for $30 million to star in three more seasons of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A lot of Kardashians and Jenners are splitting the $10 million per season, however. According to Forbes, Kim Kardashian is the highest-paid woman in reality TV, earning $18 million a year—but most of that is from endorsement deals and not the family reality shows!

Adam Levine: $10-12 million

The Voice - Season 4







Adam Levine, the lead singer of pop rock band Maroon 5, serves as a coach on the televised singing competition show The Voice. According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, he earns $10-12 million per cycle on The Voice. Thanks to his popularity with the audience, it’s predicted NBC will give him a raise on the next season of the show. Levine also invests his money in other business ventures, bringing his annual earnings to more than $35 million.

Christina Aguilera: $12.5 million








After taking off the show’s fourth season to launch her album Lotus, Aguilera has rejoined the cast of The Voice for upcoming season five, debuting Sept. 23. And she’s reportedly getting a raise to resume her judge’s seat—The Wrap claimed she inked a $12.5 million deal.

Ryan Seacrest: $15 million








American Idol judges have come and gone, but the show’s host Seacrest is the veteran on the once mega hit but now fading FOX reality show. Seacrest reportedly rakes in $15 million a year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Seacrest’s salary as Idol host tripled in 2009 from $5 million to $15 million. While Idol judge Mariah Carey reportedly made $18 million last season, she left after sagging ratings and bad reviews.

Howard Stern: $15 million








Howard Stern, the notorious American radio host, was a judge for America’s Got Talent during its seventh and eight seasons. Stern’s stint as a judge on the family friendly show – a departure from his X-rated endeavors – has proven lucrative. The show judges singers, dancers, comedians and other entertainers and it’s one of the most watched television shows in the U.S. on Tuesday nights. Stern’s attractive $15 million annual fee for the show has apparently lured him back for season 9.

Jennifer Lopez: $17.5 million








J.Lo is back on the judging panel for the upcoming 13th season of American Idol. Joined by Harry Connick Jr. and returning judge Keith Urban, J.Lo will rejoin the show she left after appearing on seasons 10 and 11. But it came at a huge price! As RadarOnline.com has previously reported, J.Lo approached FOX to get her old gig back, as she wanted to work in Los Angeles and have a settled life for herself and her five-year-old twins, Max and Emme, who are going to kindergarten. “Idol allowed her to do that,” a source said.

Judge Judy: $47 million








The formidable Judge Judy Sheindlin allegedly claims a yearly fee of $47 million for her show, where she mediates petty crises between friends, family and foes. Her domineering no-nonsense attitude has made her self-titled program a long-standing hit with fans the world over; Judge Judy well and truly earns her millions, bringing in a reported $200 million yearly in ad revenue for CBS.

Simon Cowell: $95 million








TV’s most famous nasty judge, who made American Idol a hit after first conquering his native Britain, launched the U.S. version of The X Factor in 2011 and earns an unbelievable $95 million a year from it. The massive money comes to Cowell because he produces and co-owns the show as well as judging. He’s also responsible for bringing One Direction into the world; the group were born on the UK’s X-Factor in 2011 when Cowell was judging, and he went on to sign and manage them.



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  1. Pete says:

    Reality shows sell well and this is what people really like watching, that is why no surprise the TV stars are paid so well. I just cannot understand what made Kardashians so famous and so well paid. The greatest surprise was the income of X factor judge – Simon Cowell.