Hilary Duff splits from husband

hilary-duff-mike-comrie-012713sp Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie have separated after less than four years of marriage.

The actress says she and the former ice-hockey player are getting through it together and plan to stay friends.

Duff’s representative has confirmed the news, saying: ”They have mutually decided upon an amicable separation. They remain best friends and will continue to be in each other’s lives. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their amazing son, and ask for privacy at this time.”

Hilary took to Twitter yesterday and wrote: ”Mike and I are sitting here, we are so appreciative for all of your kindness & well wishes. hilary-duff-leaving-a-gym_3973182Not an easy day but we’re getting thru it together.”

The couple married in August 2010 in California, and have a 21-month-old son, Luca Cruz.

A source close to Duff said: ”There was no major incident – no big event between the two of them. They really did drift apart. They have put effort and thought into this decision for a long time. They tried couples therapy, but in the end, they realized at this time, they work better as friends. And they really are great friends.” The insider also explained that their separation wasn’t a ”rash decision”.

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4 responses to “Hilary Duff splits from husband”

  1. Emmy says:

    It is sad that more and more celebrities couples split after a long and short marriages and their son custody is now to be shared. The break of the family is always a tragedy no matter how god the relationship between the two ex partners will remain. No matter how amicable the decision to split was, it is a great stress, especially for their son. It is very sad, but this is life. I hope Hilary and Mike try their best to give all the family love their son requires.

  2. Leslie says:

    Awe my God, each time I read about some famous couple getting split I really get upset, especially after reading about the reason of separation. I never thought I would think this way about Hillary as she always seemed to be a very nice and positive person to me, who was thinking smart and not doing some sharp decisions or something that later she will feel ashamed of. And I don’t really understand what has happened to her. They have a son together, a son who needs both parents and not some “weekends daddy”. They seemed to be such a perfect couple, is it so difficult guys to sit and think and to give each other a chance? Not a long time ago I read a saying that made me cry, as it was so simple but contained so much meaning in it! “An old couple was asked how did they manage to stay together and keep their feelings for so many years, and they replied that in their times people were fixing things instead of throwing them away!” So this is exactly what I am thinking of, Hillary and Mike think twice or even more before getting split, try to remember how and why you to fell for each other and maybe it will help keeping the flame of your love alive. I wish you lots of patience and strength to overcome everything.

  3. Madison says:

    I guess it is all Hillary’s fault, she grew up in a rich and wealthy family, where everything could be bought for money, so there is no use for her to try fixing her marriage and relationship with husband even for her son’s sake, like what for, if she is still rich? It is so sad to read when families are breaking up and people are throwing their love away, and start acting like there never was anything special between them. And the poor child now will stay without a dad, why do people are so frivolous and think only about themselves? What if stopping for a second and deciding to save the family not for their sake but for the sake of Luca Cruz? All the young families are going through hard stages during their family life, but those are times when they are supposed to stick together instead of turning back towards each other.

  4. Linda says:

    Well according to Hollywood’s measurements Hillary and Mike lasted pretty long together, so I don’t know even what to say, whether to tell them good job for lasting that long, or to tell them that they could have put some more efforts in order to keep this marriage going. I am wondering why did their families didn’t advice them, and were not there for them in order to help or give a good advice of how to keep their family. I had problems on my third year of marriage as well, and left my husband for a few times during that year, but he believed in us and always kept coming after me and brining me home, now I realize that I was doing a huge mistake when instead of helping him keeping our family I kept destroying it. Now our family due to God’s will and my husband’s efforts is stronger than ever and I know for sure that if crisis like that one will happen again I will be there with my husband while doing my best to keep the family together. And this is exactly what Hillary and Mike are supposed to do if not for their own sake than for their son’s sake.