Hollywood actresses who prefer younger men

When you hear the word “cougar” probably the first person that comes to mind is Demi Moore. After divorcing Bruce Willis (who is eight years older than her), Demi has developed a taste for younger men. But she is not the only famous lady who likes dating younger guys. Here are some other celebrity cougars.

Ginnifer Goodwin








Few days ago, the Once Upon a Time star and her costar-fiance Josh Dallas confirmed the news that they are expecting a baby. Ginnifer is 35 and her future husband is 31.

Kathy Griffin








The 52-year-old comedian talked about the near 20-year age different with boyfriend Randy Bick in an interview with Larry King. “Here’s the thing, I don’t want one iota of judgment from you because he’s a little younger than I am,” she told the talk show host. “I’m 52 and he’s 33 … He’s a marketing executive, he’s a normal guy. I met him at a food festival. The L.A. Times is putting out a food festival called Taste L.A., and I hunted him down.”

Eva Longoria








Eva Longoria, 37, filed for divorce from NBA star Tony Parker (who is seven years her junior) in November 2010. Since the split, Longoria has dated even younger men, including Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo (10 years her junior) and Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez (12 years her junior).

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton Studios Fall 2013 1







53-year-old Tilda Swinton has been dating boyfriend Sandro Kopp, 35, since 2004. That’s nearly a 20 year age difference for the couple! Despite the huge age difference the two seem to be going strong.

Julianne Moore








“We have a very solid family life, and it is the most satisfying thing I have ever done,” Julianne Moore said of her family during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2012. Moore, 53, has two children with her film director husband Bart Freundlich, 43. The couple married after having both of their children in 2003.

Jennifer Lopez








Jennifer Lopez, 43, announced her split from husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, in July 2011. Rumors of a relationship with backup dancer Casper Smart — who is 18 years younger than her — first began swirling in November 2011. Lopez officially confirmed the relationship on “Good Morning America” in July 2012. Several months later, in an episode of Katie Couric’s talk show “Katie,” she said, “It’s hard for me to think of my age…I feel very youthful. And I feel very comfortable in my own skin. And it’s funny, until somebody brings up the age difference, I don’t think we really think about it.”









After divorcing first husband Sean Penn in 1989, Madonna, now 54, went on to date a slew of younger men, including model Tony Ward (five years her junior), Vanilla Ice (nine years her junior) and personal trainer Carlos Leon (eight years her junior). In October 2008, she split from second husband Guy Ritchie — who is 10 years younger than her. After her divorce, Madonna dated Brazilian model Jesus Luz, who is a whopping 28 years younger than she is. For the past two years she has been dating yet another boy toy; this time it’s 25-year-old dancer Brahim Zaibat, who is nearly 30 years younger than the 54-year-old pop icon.

Sharon Stone








The 55-year-old actress has been on and off with her Argentine model boyfriend, Martin Mica, for the past year, despite their some 27-year age difference.

Geena Davis








Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis, 56, was married three times before she settled down with her current hubby, plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy, in 2001. She and Jarrahy, who is 15 years her junior, have three children together: daughter Alizeh Keshvar, whom Davis gave birth to at age 46, and twins Kian William and Kaiis Steven, whom she had when she was 48.


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One response to “Hollywood actresses who prefer younger men”

  1. Tracy says:

    Well, it is their choice. There are men, who intentionally choose ‘cougars’. Tastes differ! Well, the main thing is that they are both happy. There are many couples with a great age difference, though I would never call a woman 35 years dating a man 31 year old a cougar as they did in this article with Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas. For me cougars are those, women who choose men much younger then themselves. Madonna tops the list, but any man is happy with her, this is Madonna.