Hollywood’s most generous tippers

People who work in restaurants and bars serve all kinds of customers every day, but when a celebrity walks through their door, it usually means they’ll get nice tips for their effort. Although this is not always the case (you wouldn’t believe how many famous millionaires are stingy), today we’ll talk about the celebs who are good tippers. Here are some of the most generous stars.

Hilary Duff








Hilary Duff makes a very conscious effort to tip big – maybe the fact that while her poor mum was working as a make-up artist, she received terrible tips. Hilary is even said to tip bathroom service a hundred bucks at a time!

Dan Aykroyd








He is known as a good tipper. According to one waitress, when the Ghostbusters star visits her restaurant to the north of Syracuse, NY, he regularly leaves either $100 or 50 per cent of tab, whichever is larger.

Bill Murray








One waiter reports that not only is Bill Murray a big tipper — reportedly throwing down a 120 per cent tip on top of a $60 check — but he’s also helpful. He showed the waiter how to make lemon wedges juicier by rolling the lemon on the cutting board prior to slicing it.

Drew Barrymore








Ugly Betty star Ana Oritz, who was a bartender before she made it big in Hollywood, served Drew Barrymore on two separate occasions… and Anna insists that Drew was a dream to serve! Drew doubled every bill, tipping 100% of each total.

Charlie Sheen








Charlie Sheen might be slightly insane, but the man knows how to tip. When his daughter Cassandra Jade Estevez celebrated her Sweet Sixteen, Charlie gave US$200 to each and every one of the event staff!

Angelina Jolie








Angelina Jolie is one of the best female celeb tippers of them all… and with Brad by her side, they make a dynamic tipping duo! Hard work never goes unnoticed by Hollywood’s golden couple, but Brangelina are said to be particularly generous with waiting staff and security.

Russell Crowe








Sure, he might have thrown a phone at hotel staff back in the day, but Russell Crowe has tried to redeem himself ever since! On one particular occasion, Russell swung by a pub with friends in South Wales for a night of festivities. Russell left a huge £600 tip – and even performed a few songs for the lucky crowd.

Paris Hilton








Love her or hate her, one fact remains: Paris Hilton is an unbelievable tipper! The hotel heiress never fails to show her appreciation, with the likes of manicurists, stylists, and hairdressers always well and truly looked after.

Jessica Simpson








Not only is Jessica Simpson kind with the restaurant staff, leaving a $300 tip at a NY restaurant on a bill of $500, but the pop singer, actress and fashion designer also knows how to make someone feel very special. Along with the tip, Jess left a note saying, “you were amazing and make this world a better place. Love, Jess.”

Johnny Depp

The World Premiere of Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' "The Lone Ranger"







In 2008, a restaurant owner in Wisconsin reported Johnny Depp’s overwhelmingly kind tip of $3,000! Johnny had dined in with nine mates during a break from filming Public Enemies, and as he and his entourage left, he shocked the staff with the hefty tip along with his $5,120 bill!

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