Hot celebrities who weren’t beautiful kids

It’s pretty safe to say that we all agree that Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but, believe it or not, she wasn’t always this gorgeous. In fact, she was an ugly duckling during her school days. And she is not the only hot celebrity who was a not-so-beautiful child. Check out our list of famous people who have changed a lot since childhood.

Matthew Lewis








Who could have predicted that of all the guys in the Harry Potter franchise Matthew Lewis (Neville) would become the sexiest? The difference between him at the premiere of the third movie in 2004 (left) and him at the premiere of the seventh in 2010 (right) is mind-blowing.

Zac Efron








After growing up, Zac Efron has officially earned his heartthrob status. In 2004 he was a kid with not-so-flattering gap between the two front teeth and a lousy hair. Today he is one very attractive man.

Megan Foxx








Ok, so no one can deny the fact that Megan Fox has had countless amounts of plastic surgery to look the way she does now, but it’s refreshing to see a photo of her before she became famous and to realize that even this Hollywood hottie wasn’t always so glamorous. Back when she was 12, she sported copper-colored highlights, braces, and an ever-present sunburn. Today she is a true beauty.

Ryan Seacrest








The sea change that Ryan Seacrest’s looks have gone through from his childhood days to now is perhaps the most dramatic among celebrities. Ryan Seacrest became a household name in America as the host of American Idol and received a fair amount of attention from the opposite love. But as a child he was dorky and doubt any girl wanted to go out with him. Not only did he have a bad haircut and ugly glasses but he was also a chubby child.

Demi Moore








She is unrecognizable! You can hardly even tell that Demi Moore was a little girl in this childhood photo. No further comment necessary, picture says it all.

Kelly Brook








The Piranha 3D star is considered to be one of the hottest British model-actress in the world. Where ever Kelly goes she makes heads turn. But if you knew her during her younger days there is no way you would have predicted this transformation. Just take a look at her Year Book photo and you will get the drift.

Kate Hudson








The star of so many romcoms and one of the cutest actors ever, wasn’t really what we call ‘beautiful’ during her early childhood. Guys weren’t really fighting over her in high school either. The transformation is there for all to see.

George Clooney








As hard as it may be to believe that George Clooney wasn’t a stud all his life, the truth is he wasn’t anything like that. From that terrible bowl-haircut (perhaps he did it himself), to those geeky glasses, we cannot believe this celeb’s transition! If someone had have told him as a youngster he would grow up to make the ‘World’s Hottest List’ multiple times, he probably would’ve thought they were crazy.

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