Hottest actresses over 40

Being a successful Hollywood actress means being almost perfect in everything – from acting skills to looks. Now, when it comes to their looks, some ladies only get better with age and to honor them we made this list of the hottest actresses over the age of 40. Enjoy!

Halle Berry








Halle can go from Bond girl to Oscar winner in the blink of an eye. The 46-year-old actress says the best thing that ever happened to her came at age 41, when she gave birth to daughter Nahla and, what’s even more interesting, Halle is pregnant again and has never looked better.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

85th Academy Awards, Arrivals







Born on September 25, 1969 in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Catherine was one of the finest and prettiest actresses at her young age and never lost her beauty even after the age of 40. She is absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to see her in some new movie.

Jennifer Garner








Former Alias star Jennifer Garner is still one of the hottest Hollywood beauties at age 40. The busy mom, who has three kids with hubby Ben Affleck, looks amazing. “I like being 40,” she said. “I really like it. I had no problem with it. I feel like, what more could I want? I can’t speak for [my husband], but it doesn’t look like he’s as happy as I am about turning 40.”

Salma Hayek








Born on September 2, 1966, in Mexico, Salma was always admired of her beauty and her charm. She was one of those actresses who could run a movie alone by doing her magic on the audience. An actress, producer and director, 45-year-old Salma gets busier every year. Mom to 6-year-old daughter Valentina, she has also used her celebrity to advocate for children’s causes around the world.

Nicole Kidman

SAG Awards Arrivals







Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, 45, hopes that with age will come knowledge. “I’d like to be wise,” she has said. “You have to go through a lot to get there, but I’m willing to go through a lot.” This beauty was the most popular actress when she came into Hollywood. Due to her acting and beauty, she became famous in no time and she’s also very busy these days so we will get to see more of her.

Sofia Vergara








She is hot, her career is on the upswing and she is in love. Looks like everything is going just perfect for the Modern Family star. However, gorgeous Sofia says: “Turning 40 is horrible. People that say it isn’t are full of sh*t!” But even though she is not so happy about her age, the actress has some nice plans for the future that might include another child.

Jennifer Aniston








She was 35 when Friends finished and 36 when her marriage to Brad Pitt ended in the most public way imaginable. Despite the ending of these two iconic eras, the 43-year-old actress continues to succeed in both Hollywood and in love. And she looks wonderful!

Julia Roberts








A smile like that will never go out of style, no matter how old Julia gets. After her Oscar-winning turn in Erin Brockovich and meeting cameraman husband Danny Moder on the set of The Mexican, Roberts became more selective with her projects, choosing to spend more time as a doting mom to 3 kids.

Diane Lane








Diane Lane, 47, has been making movies since she was 13, when she appeared opposite Sir Laurence Olivier in 1979’s Little Romance. Diane has the kind of appeal that both women and men love.  “As I take each baby step toward 60 and away from, uh, 20, I’m realizing I have everything I need,” she said.

Monica Bellucci








Born on September 30, 1964 in Umbria, Italy, Monica’s beauty is increasing day by day as she’s maturing. This stunning beauty is one of the nature’s wonders and she keeps proving it year after year. She has the ability to attract audience for the film because beauty cannot be ignored by anyone on this planet.


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