Hottest actresses over 50

Hollywood has always been youth-obsessed but there are ladies who definitely prove that age is just a number and that a woman can be sexy and beautiful even when she is over a half century old. Here is our list of the hottest actresses over fifty.

Barbara Hershey

Jeff Vespa







Barbara is 65 years old and she feels great in her skin. “The thing is that you relax more as you get older. I have more fun than I used to have. There are a lot of wonderful things about getting older, as long as you’re healthy and curious and alive, it’s a great thing. And film should reflect it,” the actress said.

Angela Bassett








The 55-year-old actress is best known for weightier dramatic leads that communicate a captivating physical and emotional strength. The radiant mother-of-two and UNICEF ambassador told Vogue Italia earlier this year, “Age is something that haunts us from the moment we are born, we can’t fight it!”

Susan Sarandon








Celebrated actress, activist, humanitarian and ping pong enthusiast Susan Sarandon is 67 and looks wonderful. “I feel beautiful on the red carpet when I see how happy my fans are to see me. I feel beautiful when I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing. When I feel strong and simple, edgy and elegant,” she said.

Michelle Pfeiffer








For years, Michelle Pfeiffer was a love symbol in Hollywood, and now, at 55, she is absolutely stunning. How does she do it? Well, Pfeiffer is a vegan and she also hits the gym five days per week, running and lifting free weights.

Ellen Barkin








She’s known for her award-winning Broadway roles, as well as her unconventional characters in movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Switch. She is sexy and beautiful even at 59, but Ellen admitted that she’s “massively hysterical” about her skincare regimen (which includes painful Thermage treatments, facials by LA’s Christina Radu and Cellcosmet moisturizers), although she says she’s not terribly concerned with “age issues.”

Sharon Stone

amfAR's 20th Annual Cinema Against AIDS - Arrivals







At 55, the Basic Instinct actress nowadays shows she’s still got it. In 2010 she posed topless in Paris Match and said: “Is there an age when one shouldn’t be allowed to do certain things, to show one’s body?” She also told More magazine: “I wore leather pants when I was 20. I’ll be wearing leather pants when I’m 70. Because that’s my style.”

Julianne Moore








Carrie star Julianne Moore was on the cover of the October issue of Health magazine and gave up some secrets about how she stays looking so good at 52. “I try to do Ashtanga yoga two to three times a week. I’ve also started working out with a trainer, doing light weights and a lot of jumping around. The main problem is I can’t do anything six days straight because I get hurt. That’s the thing about old age — eventually your hip starts to hurt and you have to switch and do something else.”

Kim Basinger








Kim Basinger has just signed with IMG Models at the age of 60! Even Alec Baldwin, who hasn’t always been on the best terms with his ex-wife, called her “obviously one of the most beautiful women that ever lived” in an interview with Access Hollywood in June. But even though she is still smoking hot, Kim doesn’t like the general attitude about age. “I do really wish we had more of the European feeling of age in this country because it has put so much pressure not just on the women, but on the men and the children, too,” she said.


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  1. Tayler says:

    I am from Europe and I wonder what Kim Basinger meant when said she wished they had European age look in the states. I wonder what it is like? I believe that all women from all over the world try to look their bets and look after themselves. Well, not all the women, but their majority. We all want to looks great, but for many the laziness or too busy life style interfere. Still, if there is a will, there is a way and what do you think? Do you agree? The actresses mentioned in this article are simply gorgeous, but excuse me, they also have the money to have their personal cosmetologists and do necessary procedures including plastic surgery.