Hottest actresses that played strippers

Playing a stripper is nothing new in movie business, but not all actresses can do a good job dancing around with little or no clothes on. These Hollywood beauties have left us breathless. Take a look at the top actresses who have played strippers on screen.

Olivia Wilde








Olivia Wilde’s stripper character in the outrageous comedy Butter is supposed to be more funny than sexy — but she still showed some pretty impressive moves on the pole. She only had two days to train for her performance! “We had a great trainer fly down to Louisiana to work with me,” Wilde told iVillage. “She tried to teach me things at the local strip club…and then I hung out with the real strippers there and they were all so sweet. I’m really genuinely impressed by their skills.”

Lindsay Lohan








Following her two DUIs in 2007, Lindsay Lohan tried to lure her fans back by playing a stripper in the serial-killer drama I Know Who Killed Me. She had a little trouble with the technicalities, though. “It’s really hard getting on those poles!” Lohan complained in a press interview. “It’s all upper-body strength.”

Salma Hayek








Salma Hayek played a stripper in three movies:  From Dusk Till Dawn, Dogma and Americano. She didn’t do any nude scenes in those films, but her role as one of the vampire strippers in From Dusk Till Dawn is unforgettable. Salma showed she is all about love appeal and that she has some great moves.

Jennifer Aniston








In her latest blockbuster, Jennifer Aniston plays a sexy stripper-turned-drug-smuggler. In the comedy We’re the Millers, her stripper character is hired by a pot dealer (Jason Sudeikis) to help him bring drugs across the Mexican border — and she can’t help showing off her fabulous figure along the way. “You might see more than you want to see,” she told Access Hollywood.

Jessica Biel








Powder Blue got a lot of attention due to the first-time nude scenes of actress Jessica Biel. She plays a stripper attempting to earn money for her terminally ill son. While the film went straight to DVD, Biel later said she would go naked again for the right project.

Kristen Stewart








When she wasn’t making a vampire and werewolf swoon in the Twilight franchise, actress Kristen Stewart played a teen runaway-turned-stripper in the 2010 movie, Welcome to the Rileys. While researching for the role in New Orleans, Stewart revealed she visited a strip club and was “straight-up offered a job.”

Demi Moore








Demi Moore was paid a lot of money to strip in Striptease. She played Erin Grant, who tackles a double life as a struggling single mother by day and a dancer in a nightclub by night. That same year, she donated her costume to the Planet Hollywood restaurant in New York, co-owned by then-husband, actor Bruce Willis. “Striptease was a huge risk for me,” Moore told the U.K.’s Guardian. “It was difficult for me to do the dancing and the stripping.”

Jessica Alba








Jessica Alba played stripper Nancy Callahan in Sin City. Though she says that nudity would have been “more authentic,” Alba knew she could be just as alluring with her clothes on. “I felt like dancing around with a lasso and chaps was going to be sexy enough,” said the actress. “I think being nude for me would have been distracting. I really couldn’t be bottomless in front of my dad.”

Natalie Portman








Natalie Portman is one of the few actresses to ever be nominated for an Oscar for actually playing a stripper onscreen. Portman’s character in Closer is enigmatic, beautiful, and extremely seductive. She shot a few nude scenes for the movie, but they were mostly cut.


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  1. Blake says:

    Gorgeous hot women with perfect bodies, great talent and perfect strippers on screen! I am sure they can make an impotent rise and walk to them with the burning desire! No man can rest this slutty looks. Slama Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn is still the best.