Hottest Latinas in Hollywood

When talking about beautiful women, Latinas definitely come to mind. They are hot and exotic and have that spicy flavor men are simply crazy about. Celebrating these ravishing beauties we give you the list of the sexiest Latinas in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez








She is the first Latina to be named People magazine’s “Most Beautiful,” back in 2011. Since her first starring role in the Selena biopic, J.Lo has been wowing the world with her curvaceous body and unbelievable beauty. Her personal mantra is: “Beauty comes from inside. It’s been said many times, but I believe it’s the truth.”

Eva Longoria








This “desperate housewife” may be single, but she keeps winning hearts with her angelic face and a beauty that is fresh and exciting. Longoria’s got a great body and lovely face. But it’s her infectious personality that makes her stand out. “Beauty lies mainly, above all, in personality, not in the skin,” Longoria tells GQ Mexico.

Sofia Vergara








The Modern Family star has an undeniably compelling body; and she knows it very well. Also, the Colombian star exudes an air of nonchalance that makes her even sexier. She seems to not take herself very seriously. Her smile, sense of humor and level of intelligence that comes with maturity makes Vergara one of the hottest women alive.

Eva Mendes








She’s definitely the perfect mixture between a curvy Latina and an elegant, classical beauty. The actress of Cuban origins reminds us of those stars of the golden age of Hollywood, only hotter. She told Interview in 2008, “We are the future … I don’t mean Latinos, I just mean ethnic diversity. I speak English without an accent, and I speak Spanish without an accent. I really do have the best of both worlds.”

Cameron Diaz








Cameron Diaz’s late father Emilio was a Cuban-American who traced his roots back to Spain. The beautiful blond identifies as a Latina, once telling an interviewer, “My Latin roots are very strong. All my life, because I’m blonde and blue-eyed, people who aren’t Hispanic can’t believe I am…Being Latin is part of who I am and I bring that part to every role.”

Jessica Alba








Jessica is proud of her Latina heritage, but she self-identifies as multiracial. She explained in a 2008 interview, “I was always trying to figure out ‘How the hell am I going to be mainstream? How are people going to accept me? When are they going to get a clue that I am American, that this is what America looks like – people like me who are mixed, have different blood, mixed with different ethnicities?”

Roselyn Sanchez








Former Without a Trace actress Roselyn Sanchez was born in Puerto Rico and got her start by winning the title of Miss Puerto Rico in both 1993 and 1994. The 40-year-old beauty is not only an actress, but also a singer, songwriter, model and producer. Currently she is playing a sexy Latina maid in the soap opera, Devious Maids, produced by Eva Longoria.

Selena Gomez








At 21 years of age, the former Disney child star has become a beautiful, adorable woman. Unlike other stars of her generation she does not need to draw attention by looking and acting crazy. She is a multi-talented lady with great career ahead of her. She once said: “There aren’t enough Latinas in Hollywood—or there are, but they don’t get the recognition. So to be able to come out here and use that, it’s really a powerful thing.”

Penelope Cruz








Penelope Cruz is Spain’s most famous and celebrated actress, with BAFTA, ALMA and Academy Awards under her belt. She has the kind of striking looks that it’s no wonder she is a muse to directors like Pedro Almodóvar and Woody Allen.

Salma Hayek








At 46, the Mexican actress is one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. Maybe it has something to do with her commitment to aging gracefully. “I don’t do injections and I don’t do Botox,” says the Mexican actress who admits she’s not a skinny girl and wouldn’t have it any other way. “I push it. I’m at the limit of chubbiness at all times, but I’m happy at all times,” says Hayek, adding. “You have to have an alarm number. When you get to that number, you have to start putting it in reverse.”

Zoe Saldana








According to Zoe, the best beauty advice came from her Puerto Rican mother. One is her love for natural cosmetics. The other favorite is learning to always believe in herself no matter what people say. “As a Latina, I think we should be very proud of our heritage. We tend to look for European roots and reject the indigenous and the African, and that is disgusting. Being Latin is a mix of everything. I want my people to not be as insecure, and to adore what we are because it’s beautiful,” she said.



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5 responses to “Hottest Latinas in Hollywood”

  1. Sanchez says:

    This article has definitely collected the hottest Latina Hollywood actresses. Oh, my God, they are so sexy and gorgeous. A great discovery for me was finding our Cameron Diaz is f Hispanic origin. Though, I am very happy to find out she is proud of her roots and says they are strong. It was interesting to read and know these ladies feel strong about their origin and heritage.

  2. Anthony says:

    These women are simply stunning. I like hot Latin women as they are the sexiest on earth! Besides, these women are very talented and are not only looking great, but acting amazingly, doing a perfect job. I admire their devotion to their acting and singing careers and the success they have reached. Still, it was a pure enlightenment that Cameron Diaz was of Latin origin. Wow! She is very different from Latin look, but definitely a sexy woman with the perfect figure and an amazing smile.

  3. Lucia says:

    Awe I love Eva Longoria and cannot really believe that Tony Parker, could do something like this to her, I remember the beginning of their relationship her eyes were shinning so bright that everyone could perfectly realize how happy she is. This is the kind of happiness that no one can fake, as it comes right from heart and soul. That is why I was completely knocked off when I heard that he betrayed her, and I swear that even I don’t know her but I was suffering with her, as I have been through something like this, and it takes years so heal a wound in the heart like hers. At least it took me years, to get over it, and still from time to time I feel pain and sadness. When you give a part of your heart it is the part that never comes back to you, and it is exactly the part which absence you will always feel afterwards. I guess Jennifer Aniston has gone through same pain when she was divorcing Brad Pitt. I don’t know where but it seems that men are attending some secret school where they are taught how to cheat and betray women that they love. And the worse thing is that they regret later, but there is nothing they can do in order to fix the situation.

  4. Giselle says:

    I think Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are two hottest Latin girls ever, I am so proud of them. No one knows how hard it is to become successful if you are of Latin origin; it is doubling more difficult when for the regular people. So only the strongest and more ambitious can go through that hard path in order to gain success. I loved those girls in the movie “Bandidas”, and was a bit surprised later than I found out that in real life they are like best friends, for this thing I admire them, as they could become rivals to each other for sharing same stage, but instead of that they have shown that there are things much more important than work and fame, such things as friendship and genuine support for each other.

  5. Angeline says:

    Personally I, like Michelle Rodriguez and Eva Mendes most of all Latin actresses. I admire those two for the power that they show, they both have some wild character that they show in each movie where they are performing, and also I like a lot that they are stubborn. I think this is the kind of behavior that a real lady should always show! Feminine pride along with mischievous smile, a lot of intellect but at the same time ability to act like a real woman instead of showing off and pretending to be rough and tough. For me they are a real example of a female attitude I should tend to. And one of the last but not least qualities I respect about those two, is the fact that they are not showing their private life in public, it means that they do have values, and for them it is much more important to keep their life secret, than making out a show of it in order to get some more money and so on. It makes me sick when stars are selling pictures of their new born babies or weddings, I mean what kind of person should you be in order to make money on something like this.