How Hugh Jackman prepared for Wolverine

759525-hugh-jackman While filming The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman would jump in the ocean in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia every morning in order to prepare for the role. The actor says he did it so he could get into his character’s angry mindset and the freezing ocean water helped him.

He said: ”One thing I do now is I jump in the ocean every morning. It’s pretty cold, but just that feeling – that’s Wolverine. Like when you have to have a shower butt there’s only cold water and it really pisses you off? That’s how he feels 24/7.”

Hugh also revealed how he prepares for the scenes that require him to be out of breath. ”Sometimes you’ll see me doing push-ups or squats before a take because I have to be out of breath on screen. I’ve made the mistake before of pretending to be out of breath, and then suddenly I’m hyperventilating and I’m almost passing out,” he explained.

hugh-jackman-bicepsThe 44-year-old star admits that it is harder to play physically strenuous roles as he’s gotten older. He said: ”I’ll be honest with you, it gets harder. I also probably put higher expectations on myself every time. I don’t get away with anything anymore!”

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