How Lady Gaga ruined Jonah Hill’s vacation

jonah Jonah Hill just wanted a nice quiet break, away from Hollywood, so he took a trip to California’s famous Hearst Castle. However, thanks to Lady Gaga, he couldn’t enjoy a relaxing getaway he hoped for.

Talking to Jimmy Kimmel, Jonah explained how the singer ruined his vacation. He said: “I wanted to take a trip just to clear my head and get away from all this Hollywood stuff and just go somewhere pretty and different and where I wouldn’t see anyone from work or anything, so I decided to go up to Hearst Castle, which was beautiful…

“I get there and they’re shooting a Lady Gaga music video… There’s just trucks and lights and I’m like, ‘Oh no, this isn’t a vacation at all!’ I won’t give away what the video’s about because she’s worked really hard on it. But it was great, it was a beautiful castle, it just wasn’t the desired escape that I’d had in mind.”

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One response to “How Lady Gaga ruined Jonah Hill’s vacation”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Jonah Hill cannot blame Lady Gaga. She was there first! He should have changed the places to get rid of stress and be on his own enjoying the nature and weather. Any place is good for it. I do not think the name of the article is very truthful, since Jonah didn’t have his vacation spoiled or ruined t just turned out to be different from his expectations.