Hugh Jackman: ‘My wife turned down Mick Jagger for me’

Hugh-Jackman-Deborra-Lee-Furness Even before they officially started dating, Hugh Jackman knew that his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was the right woman for him. The actor has revealed that Deborra turned down an invitation to party with Mick Jagger to have dinner with Jackman.

The Wolverine star asked his future wife over to a group dinner at his home in 1996 while they were starring in Australian TV show Correlli together. Jackman explains, “I invited her and about 20 people over and during the dinner she had her cell phone on the table… and we’re in Melbourne, my house, and we’re all watching her have this conversation and she goes, ‘Mick Jagger is outside your house, in a limo, with a friend of mine and he says, ‘I want you to come out and party.

hugh-jackman-inside-actors-studio-2013“And I’m a huge Rolling Stones fan, so I’m like, ‘Go, go, get out now’, right? The idea that he would be outside my house… And she said, ‘You can tell Mick Jagger, I’m having dinner with Hugh Jackman.’ I knew she was a keeper right there.”

Hugh and Deborra got married later that year, in April 1996.

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